Video – UAF counter-EDL protest, Home Office, 17th April 2012

On Tuesday 17th April branch members joined a protest organised at short notice by Unite Against Fascism (UAF) outside the Home Office in Marsham Street, London.

The English Defence League (EDL) had been granted permission to hold one of their islamophobic, neo-fascist protests outside the Home Office, intimidating both staff and visitors with racist rants.

Despite threats from Home Office management there was a good turn out from PCS members to remind the EDL that they are not welcome.

After the protest we moved on the Kings Cross for a leafleting session to remind people of the threat of the BNP in the London elections.

Luton, 5th May

The EDL are taking their message of hate to Luton on Saturday 5th May. Join UAF and local groups demonstrating against them. There’s more information on the UAF website: National demo: march against the EDL in Luton, Saturday 5 May

French Niqab Ban Protest – Monday 11th – London French Embassy

From tomorrow (Monday 11th April) France is introducing a ban on women covering their faces in public places, a ban which appears to be aimed squarely at Muslim women and the niqab. Whether intended or not this will be a direct attack on Muslim womens’ freedom of both religious and personal expression. It’s the state telling people what to wear.

This would be bad enough in isolation but, when taken in the context of the rise of Islamophobia in both mainland Europe and, through the English Defence League, in Britain, it’s a dangerous move which could add perceived legitimacy to far right racist & fascist organisations. With the economic recession providing fertile ground for fascism to grow governments should be addressing the issues which cause it, not targeting its victims.

Unite Against Fascism and One World, Many Cultures have called a protest outside the French Embassy at six o’clock tomorrow evening. PCS R&C Euston Branch will be there so please come and join us in sending a message to France, our own government and fascists everywhere that Britain won’t tolerate intolerance.

For a view of the niqab ban from a woman directly affected please read this piece from The Guardian.

French Embassy
58 Knightsbridge

UAF Meeting – Defend Multiculturalism – 9th March 2011

At today’s Branch Committee meeting we agreed to support the Defend Multiculturalism meeting that is being held at seven o’clock tomorrow night, Wednesday 9th March, at the Friends Meeting House (opposite Euston Station.) Read More

PCS Euston Go Tax Justice Leafleting | UAF/EDL Luton | Islington March | Libraries

There’s loads to do this weekend but first, this is what we did this morning:

Tax Justice Leafleting at Euston Station

At eight o’clock on a cold, gloomy Friday morning we gathered at Euston Station to meet fellow PCS reps and full timers for London & South East Regional Office and distribute PCS’s Tax Justice flyer (.pdf) to the public.

We distributed near on 2,000 leaflets over two hours, with many people stopping to talk to us about out campaign and the connected work of UK Uncut, whose activities have done so much to raise the Tax Justice argument in the mainstream media and the public’s eye.

Read More

What are you doing on Saturday? – UAF Rally Against the EDL in Luton

UAF Luton Feb 2010 LogoThe English Defence league (EDL) are going to be in Luton this Saturday. Despite the words of their leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (former BNP member, convicted of assault, using the name Tommy Robinson) they are a racist, homophobic, fascist organisation who bring fear to communities wherever they march, shouting racist chants and making Nazi salutes in our town squares. Read More

Camden Unite Against Fascism meeting – 18.30 Tuesday 1st February 2011

Camden Unite Against Fascism (UAF) are holding a meeting on Tuesday night, ‘Islamophobia, division and the far-right: How do we shape the fight back?’ They don’t have a website yet so this is taken from the Facebook event page: Read More

March & Carnival Against Racism, Fascism and Islamophobia, 6th Nov, London

UAF LMHR 6th November GraphicThe last few months have seen the British National Party (BNP) spectacularly fail to gain a foothold in Parliament and the English Defence League (EDL) thwarted in their attempts to split communities and spread their message of hate through British towns, culminating with the EDL’s embarrassing appearance in Amsterdam last weekend. Read More