2011 – Our Year In Video Pt 2: Campaigns and Branch Bits

When the branch weren’t fighting for pensions we were involved in many other things, including campaigning with Camden United Against Cuts, supporting disabled people in their fight against ATOS and putting on another fantastic Learning at Work Day.

The year has seen attacks on private sector workers too, including the Bombardier workers who faced redundancy after seeing major contracts for British trains lost. The video below, including an interview with Bob Crow, was produced when Bombardier workers came to London to lobby Parliament.

The rise of the far right is stuttering, thanks partly to the campaigning of trade unions and groups like Hope Not Hate and Unite Against Fascism, both of which PCS support. However, as the cuts continue to bite the scapegoating is likely to continue and for every fallen BNP or fractured EDL a new far right group is waiting in the wings to use the recession as an excuse for xenophobia, racism, homophobia, mysoginy and to attack those who rely on benefits.

New forms of protest have appeared thanks to, among others, UK Uncut, the Occupy movement and a new generation of student activists. From 26th March through to 30th November this has been a year of remarkable activity and remarkable people.

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UAF Meeting – Defend Multiculturalism – 9th March 2011

At today’s Branch Committee meeting we agreed to support the Defend Multiculturalism meeting that is being held at seven o’clock tomorrow night, Wednesday 9th March, at the Friends Meeting House (opposite Euston Station.) Read More

What are you doing on Saturday? – UAF Rally Against the EDL in Luton

UAF Luton Feb 2010 LogoThe English Defence league (EDL) are going to be in Luton this Saturday. Despite the words of their leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (former BNP member, convicted of assault, using the name Tommy Robinson) they are a racist, homophobic, fascist organisation who bring fear to communities wherever they march, shouting racist chants and making Nazi salutes in our town squares. Read More

BNP Protest, Friday & UK Uncut Protests, Saturday | UPDATED: HMRC Protest 17/12/10

UPDATE 17.30 16/12/2010: PCS, War on Want and the Jubilee Debt Campaign are staging a protest outside HMRC’s HQ (100 Parliament St, SW1A 2BQ) at 13.00 tomorrow (Friday 17th) against HMRC job cuts and tax avoidance. Please see the PCS site for more details.

This Friday morning Nick Griffin will be at the Royal Courts of Justice to face contempt of court charges. Unite Against Fascism (UAF) are organising a protest from 09.00 to remind the BNP that they are still not welcome. Read More

March & Carnival Against Racism, Fascism and Islamophobia, 6th Nov, London

UAF LMHR 6th November GraphicThe last few months have seen the British National Party (BNP) spectacularly fail to gain a foothold in Parliament and the English Defence League (EDL) thwarted in their attempts to split communities and spread their message of hate through British towns, culminating with the EDL’s embarrassing appearance in Amsterdam last weekend. Read More

Anti racism demonstration, London, 20th June 2010

PCS are joining with several trade unions, Unite Against Racism and Unite East End, for a mass celebration following the English Defence League’s (EDL) decision to cancel their plan to turn up in Tower Hamlets, East London, on Saturday in order to spread hate and divide the multicultural communities. Please come along to celebrate our diversity and show our unity. Read More

Help UAF and HOPE Not Hate stop the BNP and EDL in London

When the fascist BNP failed to hold on to any of their 12 councillors in Barking and Dagenham it signalled a victory of all our hard anti-fascist work. Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and HOPE Not Hate (HNH) were instrumental to convening activities in the borough alongside local Labour Party activists, trade unionists, students, pensioners, community activists, people from all backgrounds and faiths. Read More

PCS Euston Branch Newsletter, Spring 2010

The third issue of the branch newsletter is finally here, with articles about the industrial action, the English Defence League, our Learning Centre and a few other bits and bobs.

Click the piccie of the front page on the right to open, rightclick to download (.pdf). The ‘Name The Newsletter’ competition is open to branch members only.

PCS Coach to anti-EDL rally in Bolton 20th March 2010

This is a reminder that PCS are sponsoring a coach to take PCS members and others to the counter protest against the English Defence league (EDL) in Bolton tomorrow (Saturday 20th March.) Read More