Managing Attendance in HMRC – Ballot

We have received Members’ Briefing MB/003/11 (see below) advising members of a ballot for industrial action over the imposed changes to our Managing Attendance and Wellbeing policy.

We need to build for a strong YES/YES result to send the message to HMRC’s management to that we will not tolerate these constant attacks. The imposed changes will: Read More

PCS R&C Attendance Management Policy Industrial Action Ballot (MB002/11) – UPDATED 25/03/11

UPDATE 25/03/2011: the ballot starts today. Please see this post for more details.

Branch reps will be around Euston Tower this week distributing MB002/11 – Attendance Management Policy: Important Information For Members (see below).  This is a response to management’s unilateral imposition of the new attendance management policy, a policy which puts more pressure on staff and managers, reduces the chances of time off to attend medical appointments and hasn’t to PCS’s knowledge had an adequate Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA). Read More

PCS Members Vote To Save Civil Service Jobs

90 per Cent Vote Yes imageApproximately 72,000 PCS members have voted to reject the Government’s assault on our Civil Service Compensation Scheme, which would make it cheaper to make us redundant and help the Coalition’s plan to slice 25% off an already overstretched, understaffed, under-resourced Civil Service, swelling the dole queue and hitting the services that the most vulnerable rely on (not that any of this will directly affect the multi-millionaire Cabinet or their friends and families.) Read More

Camden United Against Cuts Meeting | CSCS Ballot Papers

Tomorrow evening (Monday 10th January 2011) sees the official launch meeting of Camden United Against the Cuts, a group organised by Camden Trades Council and supported by local trade union branches. The group organised a successful rally outside the Council offices on 1st December, following the march on Whitehall organised by Camden Trades Council for the day of the Comprehensive Spending Review. Read More

Vote YES/YES on the CSCS

PCS Vote Yes LogoLast week the Prospect trade union announced that their members, following their union’s recommendation, have agreed to the Government’s assault on our Civil Service Compensation Scheme, with approximately 10,000 members voting to accept.

This week the FDA union announced a 90.1% vote in favour of accepting the scheme too. However, that 90.1% was on an 18.4% turnout. It’s estimated that this equates to less than 3,000 members. Again, this result followed the recommendation of the union. Read More

Inflation and Unemployment Up, CSCS Down

This week isn’t going well for either the public or private sector. The day after we learn that the Government voted to make it cheaper to lay Civil Servants off and that inflation has risen we now find out that 33,000 public sector employees have already been thrown on to the dole queue, bringing the unemployed total to 2.5 million. Read More

CWU Rally | Islington Anti-Cuts March | UK Uncut Protests

Three things, two happening today, one this weekend.

CWU Keep the Post Public Rally

Updated 16/12/2010: the CWU provided live updates which are still on their website here.

The Communications Workers Union (CWU) are holding a rally from 11.00 to 14.00 today in Westminster. The Government is planning to privatise as much of the Royal Mail as they can get away with, building on the last Government’s start which left Royal Mail doing the hard work while private companies made the profit. Further privatisation could lead to reduced services, higher charges and increased attacks on the terms and conditions of Royal mail employees. Post Offices are also likely to close, affecting, like so many Coalition plans, the most vulnerable in our society who need local services the most. Read More

The CSCS – Have You Voted Yet?

Late this afternoon the House of Commons voted to insult Civil Servants by changing our redundancy terms, despite the new terms being rejected by the two biggest Civil Service trade unions: PCS and the POA (Prison Officers’ Association.)  We still don’t have to accept this. By voting YES/YES on the PCS consultative ballot you will be helping to show the Government that we are not willing to have our compensation scheme, which we’ve paid for through low pay and little in the way of a career path, torn up and we won’t accept the job losses that it’s a clear precursor to. Read More

The CSCS Ballot – Why You Should Vote YES

Over the next few days PCS members will find ballot papers landing on our doorsteps asking us to reject the Government’s proposed Civil Service Compensation Scheme (CSCS). This isn’t a ballot for industrial action: this is a ballot for justice. Read More

Redundancies at the Bottom, Bonuses at the Top.

So now it’s official. Sir Gus O’Donnell, head of the Civil Service (salary: £239,000) has confirmed that the Coalition Government’s cuts to the Civil Service will mean compulsory redundancies. Read More

Members Meetings, 18th and 22nd October

On the 20th October George Osborne, a man worth £4.3 million and who is set to inherit his father’s fortune, will be announcing the first of over £83 billion worth of public sector cuts to pay for the economic crisis. A crisis which Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England, agrees “was caused not by problems in the real economy, it came out of the financial sector..we let it slip”. Read More

PCS Euston Branch Newsletter, Autumn 2010

It’s been a long time coming but the Autumn issue of the branch newsletter has arrived, including articles about the Tax Gap, the budget, various campaigns and protests and some branch information.

Click the piccie of the front page on the right to open, rightclick to download (.pdf).

Today’s March to Defend Sam Buckley

This afternoon up to 150 protesters from PCS, other unions, trades councils, political parties/groups and local people marched through Hastings to draw attention to, and protest against, the dismissal of PCS DWP Group Hastings Branch Secretary Sam Buckley. Read More

PCS Protest in Westminster Today

Good morning,

This is a reminder that PCS are holding a protest against the second reading of the Superannuation Bill today from 12.00 – 14.00.  It is important that we get as many members as possible there to show that we won’t have them mucking about with our redundancy pay. We beat them once and we can beat them again. Read More

Why You Should Write To Your MP

Contrary to popular opinion most MPs are actually pretty hard working and also do want to represent their constituents. In the coming months MPs are going to have to vote on a number of bills which, if passed, will wreck the public sector and the public services we provide. Read More