Video – UAF counter-EDL protest, Home Office, 17th April 2012

On Tuesday 17th April branch members joined a protest organised at short notice by Unite Against Fascism (UAF) outside the Home Office in Marsham Street, London.

The English Defence League (EDL) had been granted permission to hold one of their islamophobic, neo-fascist protests outside the Home Office, intimidating both staff and visitors with racist rants.

Despite threats from Home Office management there was a good turn out from PCS members to remind the EDL that they are not welcome.

After the protest we moved on the Kings Cross for a leafleting session to remind people of the threat of the BNP in the London elections.

Luton, 5th May

The EDL are taking their message of hate to Luton on Saturday 5th May. Join UAF and local groups demonstrating against them. There’s more information on the UAF website: National demo: march against the EDL in Luton, Saturday 5 May

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