Video – Bring Your Pensions Letter To Work Day

Towards the end of March 2012 PCS members started to receive letters from the Cabinet Office telling us how much the government wants to steal off us under the guise of making our pensions more affordable.

Many members sent their letters back to the Cabinet Office advising that the offer hasn’t been agreed.

We invited members to bring their letters to work on Tuesday 3rd April so that we could take them back to the Cabinet Office en masse. Letters were arriving at more than one a minute, including some from members in Southwark Court and the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

Dee Luxford, Hamish Drummond and Carol Gerrard of the Group Executive Committee also popped by en-route to a meeting.

This film gives a little background to the day and shows our adventures in Whitehall.

Further reading & Action

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If your’e returning your letter you can upload a photo of it to the Facebook group:

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Download the PCS pamphlet Fair Pensions For All (direct .pdf download from PCS site)

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