The Pensions Letter.

STOP PRESS: don’t send your letter back yet. Tuesday is Euston Tower’s Bring Your Pensions Letter To Work Day!

Members will have found, or will soon find, a letter from the Cabinet Office, signed by a William Hague (no, not that William Hague) explaining the pensions deal the government are trying to inflict on us.

There are several ways of dealing with this letter.

You could gaze upon it lovingly, in awe of a government which would be so generous while having to inflict a 5% tax cut on the richest, or you could think, ‘Well, yeah, that’s fair enough, given that we public sector workers caused the financial crisis’ or…

You could write ‘Offer Rejected’ on it and return it to:

William Hague
Executive Director, HR and Capability,
Cabinet Office,
70 Whitehall

This is ably demonstrated in these photos from members, started by Calum McKenna, Organiser and Young Members Rep of PCS DWP Wiltshire:

Offer Rejected

Offer Rejected

I Reject Your Offer - My Union Will Be In Touch

I Reject Your Offer - My Union Will Be In Touch

No Thank You - Offer Rejected

No Thank You - Offer Rejected

I Completely Do Not Agree With This

I Completely Do Not Agree With This

Offer RejectedI Reject Your Offer - My Union Will Be In TouchNo Thank You - Offer RejectedI Completely Do Not Agree With This

You could, if you like, reply without attaching a stamp. You asked for neither the attack on your pension or the letter bragging about it so might not feel obliged to supply a stamp for your response. The choice is, of course, yours.

As suggested by Rob Thornton, DWP South London Young Members Rep, you might like to include a copy of the PCS Alternative, or the Fair Pensions For All pamphlet. If you don’t have a copy a branch rep should be able to sort you out with one.

Thanks to Steve Ryan for positing the idea.

Read more about pensions on this site here: pensions.

Download the PCS pamphlet Fair Pensions For All (direct .pdf download from PCS site)


About: Dave Plummer

Public sector worker, PCS rep, Branch Organiser with PCS R&C Euston Tower Branch, and general branch communications person. Known to strum a guitar on occasion. Member of PCS Left Unity and the Green Party.


  1. gavin wood says:

    Brilliant. Do you realise how much you cheer people up?

  2. Steve Lintern says:

    This is a brilliant idea. Direct, pain free action that does not involve members losing a day’s pay. PCS HQ should take this initiative on board now, and publicise it to all branches, and to all other unions in the dispute. We did the same thing previously with postcard campaigns to ministers, and they have an effect. As long as our messages are civil (remember that old civil service code) we are perfectly entitled to express our views on this pension attack and direct them to the sender of the letter. This pension increase is just the softener to get us used to it. It’s looking to be 4.6% of our pay from 2015, a 300% increase on the 1.5% we pay now. 1.5% is the amount we should pay as stated in our contracts. How much it increases after that is anyone’s guess. Pension age has to increase with no upper limit, so we will be forever chasing this rainbow of a pension. We might be entitled to claim it the day before we die, at this rate. Steve.

  3. Shahid Yaseen says:

    I did think our colleague Calum was expressing himself with body language but then realised it was the wrong finger-Shame!

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