Bring Your Pensions Letter To Work Day! – Tuesday 3rd April

If you’ve received your pensions letter, and haven’t yet returned it to sender, please read on.

We cordially invite PCS R&C Euston Tower Branch members and, indeed, members of any other branch who can get here, to bring their William ‘no, not that one’ Hague Pensions letter to Euston Tower between 08.00 and 10.00 on Tuesday, 3rd April.

We’ll be outside the building with a big bag to collect them so we can send them all back to William Hague together.

We’ll also be on hand to give advice about any message you might like to add to the letter before returning it.

So, stick the date in your diary, stick the letter in your handbag/briefcase/back pocket and come along to join the fun on Tuesday.

Further reading

See photos of previously returned letters here: The Pensions Letter

Read more about pensions on this site here: pensions.

Download the PCS pamphlet Fair Pensions For All (direct .pdf download from PCS site)

About: Dave Plummer

Public sector worker, PCS rep, Branch Organiser with PCS R&C Euston Tower Branch, and general branch communications person. Known to strum a guitar on occasion. Member of PCS Left Unity and the Green Party.


  1. Dear Dave Plummer and the Euston Tower Branch
    We think your idea about ‘bring your pension letter to work day’ is so good, we’re doing the same! Our Branch will be using the same day – 3rd April – and I hope we get lots to go back to Mr Hague. I was thinking when I got mine that we should not just accept the letter and do nothing (tantamount to accepting this robbery sorry change) and then I saw what you were advising. Brilliant! Best wishes from all at S E Essex for the campaign.

    • Dave Plummer says:

      Cheers Darrell. We’ve no idea how successful it will (we’re just about to start the leafleting) but hopefully it’ll make a bit of a splash.

      Good luck in S E Essex!

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