Motion on action after the success of the 30 November strikes

This motion was passed at today’s Branch Executive Committee (BEC) meeting.




This BEC notes:

  1. The growing assault on workers’ living standards in both the public and private sectors,
  2. The announcement in George Osborne’s autumn statement of a 1 percent limit to pay rises in the public sector for the next two years alongside the assault on pensions,
  3. The magnificent response to the call for action on N30, with around 2.5 million on strike and more than 300,000 joining protests,
  4. That a number of unions have already called for further nationally co-ordinated action in the new year.

This BEC believes:

  1. That the unity shown by public sector unions was crucial to the success of N30,
  2. That more national action, involving a growing number of public sector unions (co-ordinated with private sector disputes where possible) will be necessary to defeat Government attacks on public sector pensions.

This BEC resolves:

  1. To call on our National Executive Committee to organise, in conjunction with other public sector unions, further national action in january as part of a continuing programme of industrial action,
  2. To support every dispute over local issues and to support rolling or sectional action which escalates the pensions dispute and builds the momentum for further national action,
  3. That where rolling or sectional action is called it should involve the largest possible number of people and be co-ordinated wherever possible with other unions. It should build strikes by millions, no be a substitute for them,
  4. To oppose sector by sector deals. We all came out together on 30 November, we should all settle together – and only after a democratic vote by the members involved.

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