Are we ready for our 15 minutes of lame?

Members might have noticed Francis Maude’s remarkably generous offer this morning: if we call off N30 and let the Government steal another £60+ a month from our already frozen pay packets he’ll allow us to have a fifteen minute protest. Crikey.

Unfortunately it’s not an offer we can accept and it displays a worrying lack of comprehension on Mr Maude’s part of the nature and purpose of trade unionism. We’re not striking on 30th November to make a point, we’re striking to stop a theft.

There’s a very easy way for Mr Maude and his Coalition compadres to stop the strike: stop attacking our pensions, stop attacking our jobs and stop selling off our public services. A pay rise would be nice too.

Apparently PCS are ‘hardline’ because we won’t be bullied in to giving up. We should be proud to be hardline. When faced with a Government which displays no compassion, feels the need to constantly mislead to justify itself (Negotiations ongoing? Pensions unnaffordable? Hogwash) and cares for nothing but the bottom line of business interests it is our, and every trade union’s duty to be a thorn in their side, not just for our members but for the future of Britain itself.

Read more about the dispute with PCS’s Pensions FAQs.

About: Dave Plummer

Public sector worker, PCS rep, Branch Organiser with PCS R&C Euston Tower Branch, and general branch communications person. Known to strum a guitar on occasion. Member of PCS Left Unity and the Green Party.

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