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Pensions are a hot topic for a lot of our members. Here's the latest info from PCS HQ on what the upcoming changes mean for you.   New 'Alpha' Civil Service Pension Scheme explainer Pension changes explained A lot is happening in civil service [more]

Strike Day is here

Across the UK, pay cuts have damaged the economy and caused real hardship for millions of people. If pay had kept pace with inflation, average civil service pay would be £2,300 higher than it is now. But the government has [more]

Website Under Construction!

  We are currently updating the website and in the process of giving it a bit of an overhaul.   Do you have experience of website stuff? Graphics? Fancy having a crack at it anyways?  First test is get in contact with us here, [more]

Direct Debit.. who? what? why? now with the chance to win £1200!

What’s happening? Currently subscriptions to PCS are paid by check-off, this means they come directly from your wage packets. Now we’re moving to payment by direct debit, so from a bank account of your choosing.   Why is this happening? The Cabinet Office wants [more]

Support the overtime ban (and say no to Voluntary exit offers)

As PCS main site reports "Overtime continues to be offered" in HMRC. I understand the first at the Tower will be this coming weekend. It continues... In BB/336/13 we said that there was increasing evidence that overtime was being used to [more]

Branch AGM announced for 4 March 2014

This year's Branch AGM will take place in the First Floor Conference Room on 4 March 2014 between 2.30-4.30pm. This is your chance to challenge or change the direction of your Union. The guest speaker will be Dave Smith from the UNITE [more]

Performance Management within HM Revenue & Customs - An interesting blog from the Head of the Civil Service

In recent weeks I have spent a great deal of time dealing with complaints from members both in Euston Tower and elsewhere who have been given "must improve" performance ratings following their mid-year reviews. A common cause of grievance among [more]

The Sound of Silence - or how negotiations with the government don't happen...

The Sound of Silence - or how negotiations with the government don't happen...Branch Vice-Chair Erik Fuller writes about banging our heads against the wall and the importance of the consultation. [more]

Featured Video

Euston Tower Picket Line Speakers – 5th June 2013

During our picket line for the week of joint HMRC/DWP action we had several speakers and supporters along at our picket line. This film includes:

  • Natalie Bennett
    Leader of the Green Party of England & Wales
  • Jeremy Corbyn MP
    Islington North (Labour)
  • Peter
    London IWW General Members Branch
  • Pat Carmody
    Anti-Bedroom Tax and Benefit Justice Federation
  • Neil Cafferty
    National Shop Stewards Network

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